The Main Purposes Of A Website

Brand Identity

Brand identity is essential for all businesses, why would a customer buy from you? It’s important to remember that a consumer isn’t just buying a product or service – they are also buying what your brand stands for.

A premium website is the best way to build and establish your brand online. Allowing consumers to feel engaged when browsing your website is key – that’s where we come in!

Selling a product or service

A website should sell your products, inform consumers who you are as a person or business and why they should choose you. Your website is essentially a salesperson, having more valuable & relevant information on your website means more time for you, to run your business.

Butterfly Digital Marketing provides your customers with a seamless user experience.


Your website is a digital tool that can be used to gather information. Allowing consumers to freely opt-in and leave their email address is a great way to generate leads & interest!

So whether you want to sell products or just generate a buzz in a community, for the launch of a product or event an engaging website will always help!

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