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Your website is an essential tool – people have the power to find information or purchase a product instantly without moving anywhere. Do you ever have a conversation about a movie and suddenly, you can’t remember the actors real name? Or how many career goals Wayne Rooney has? (269 by the way). It can be frustrating but thankfully Google exists. 

What's this got to do with your website you might ask...

The same logic applies to you, imagine someone needs their new suit trousers altered and they don’t know any tailors. They’re probably on Google or Microsoft Bing (It’s not fair to leave Bing out) about to search for a tailor near them. If you own a tailoring business, wouldn’t it be epic if your website appeared in the search results? Leading them to a visually stunning website, where they can read all about your services before contacting you. 

You may have tried building a website yourself on various website builders, both free & paid but how many more hours can you dedicate to trying to change the opacity of a background. The truth is your time should be spent running your business, not worrying about your menu not showing up on mobile. It’s our job to make sure your website is looking fantastic and runs super duper smooth. We do this by providing the complete website package for you to succeed online, organically & consistently. 

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It comes down to how you want your business to be perceived online. What reaction do you want people to have? In todays digital world, your online reputation is key to growing your business. Your website should work on every phone, every tablet and every computer. It should look great and feel welcoming. Attention spans are short so it’s important that your website looks good to immediately capture attention, otherwise they’re likely to exit your site immediately & check the next website – your competitor. 

Ensure that your website is going to work for you & not add extra admin tasks or hassle. Butterfly Digital Marketing build custom websites that look epic, work perfectly & help to streamline your work process. We don’t sell templates or ready-made solutions, your website will be truly bespoke and one of a kind – made just for you.

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