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Search engine optimisation

Effective SEO
to boost your websites
performance & ranking.

SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing. We ensure that your website and content is optimised for all search engines including Google and Microsoft Bing. This will increase your websites organic ranking in search results.

Grow Your Reach Organically

Identify Goals

We analyse your content and listen to your business goals in order to identify your cornerstone content.

Target Audience

Ensuring your SEO is targeted to your audience, we conduct market research and analyse specific keywords & buzzwords for your industry.

SEO Strategy

Selecting the keywords your customers are searching for. Optimisation of content across the website to ensure quality targeted traffic.

SEO across your website

Butterfly Digital Marketing build and design websites on WordPress – the number one website platform in the world.

This allows us to utilise the best tools to not only optimise keywords and written content, but to also optimise your images and videos. We create engaging landing pages to increase your websites chances of being crawled by popular search engines, such as Google & Microsoft Bing. This increases your website ranking organically, resulting in more website visits from customers.

Getting your website and business up & running on Google has never been easier, simply contact Butterfly Digital Marketing today.


Website Performance

Performance is a crucial consideration. Through hosting your website with Butterfly Digital Marketing, you get all the benefits of a fast and reliable network. Our global CDN, built-in caching and uptime guarantee ensures your website always performs at its very best.